Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pizza Frenzy Full Game For Pc

Download Game | Pizza Frenzy Full Game For Pc | The objective of Pizza Frenzy is to quickly deliver the correct pizzas to customers. The game levels take place in a of different loions, with ch loion having a unique topography, including two or more pizza kitchens. ch of these kitchens is responsible for producing and delivering pizzas with a specific topping. During gameplay, customers will appr with an icon representing a specific pizza topping they are calling to order. This icon must be clicked, and the player must then click the correct pizza kitchen in order to dis the needed pizza to the customer. If players take too long, or try to deliver the wrong pizza, the customer hangs up the phone, causing a decrse in overall customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction dips low enough, the game ends.
Screenshoot :


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