Saturday, May 21, 2016

neighbour from hell Full Game For Pc

Download Game | neighbour from hell Full Game For Pc | ch level's goal is to play some crude tricks on your neighbor by using every item nr your character. ch stage has 4 or 5 zones (Not including the training stages). You must move Woody from zone to zone, The Neighbor moves with them as time goes by. Sometimes you can distract him with different ways (such as call him to make him go downstairs) or he gets distracted automatically (For example, painting, washing clothes, and so on.) He has pets watching over him, such as a parrot named Chilli. The game starts with only few rooms (the hall,bathroom,kitchen and the living room), but as the game progresses, more rooms are unlocked (in Sson 2 is the balcony and bedroom, and in Sson 3 is the basement and study),making the game more difficult.

System requirements:
Pentium-compatible MMX processor with at lst 233 MHz,128 MB of RAM, 98 SE, Me, 2000 or XP,DirectX 8-compatible card with at lst 8 MB of RAM,310 MB free hard drive spaceScreenshoot :

NB: You must use the 4shared account to download the link above.

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