Saturday, May 21, 2016

FEZ Game For Pc

Download Game | FEZ Game For Pc | FEZ is action Platformer Game. The plot of Fez revolves around Gomez, a two-dimensional crture World Hlth Organization lives in an exceedingly flat, 2D world. One day, Gomez encounters a wierd and mysterious physical object known as the polyhedron, which supplies him a wizardly fez hat that permits him to understand a 3rd dimension. even as Gomez begins to explore his new ability, the polyhedron suddenly fractures and explodes, inflicting the globe around him to flaw up and freeze. the sport "reboots" and Gomez wakes up to srch out that he will currently explore his world in 3 dimensions. A floating hypercube explains that he should collect the fragments of the polyhedron, that are stered across the globe, before the globe is torn apart. for gameplay level shown before rotation, throughout rotation, and once rotation. The goal of Fez is to gather thirty two cubes, that are stered round the world, to construct the polyhedron and restore Gomez's world before it's torn apart. Cubes and cube fragments ar visible and might be collected by merely moving over them. Players may collect thirty two "anti-cubes" by finding numerous puzzles, several of that need some style of cryptography. because the player collects cubes and anti-cubes, doors become unsecured and permit the player to access new ars.



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